Hotmail has dropped off the face of the earth. Since 2013 the popular email service has been transformed into what we know today as Outlook. However, Microsoft has decided to keep all those e-mail addresses that use the domain and, which makes it possible to access the service from the page. Signing in on any of the platforms mentioned is really easy, and this time we’ll show you how to proceed. login

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Hotmail / Outlook login:

What are the differences between and Hotmail

The dissimilarities between Microsoft’s two mail platforms are noteworthy. Although the Hotmail service no longer exists as we know it, Outlook represents a clear evolution from the latter.

The main difference between the two is Office 365, a service included with the account, which has up to 5 GB of free cloud storage to make use of any of the applications that Microsoft currently offers. Through this link we can access the software online.

Outlook Hotmail

These applications represent another major difference between Outlook and Hotmail: with a free Outlook account we can make use of the entire Microsoft Office suite online. We leave you with the complete list of applications compatible with the service.

  • Microsoft Word online
  • Microsoft Excel online
  • Microsoft PowerPoint online
  • Microsoft OneNote online
  • Microsoft OneDrive online
  • Microsoft Flow online
  • Microsoft Forms online
  • Microsoft Task online
  • Microsoft Sway online
  • Online Calendar
  • Online Contacts
  • MSN
  • Skype

From any of these applications we can make unlimited use of the platform as if it were a desktop version. If we want to enjoy a greater amount of storage, we can contract more space through the Microsoft website.

Hotmail sign in, from the Web or a PC

Let’s first talk about how you can access your own account from your computer, whether you have a PC or a Mac. It is very easy and if you use some other mail service, you will notice that the process is very similar:

  • Go to the Outlook home page.

The first thing you will need to do is to enter the main page of Outlook.

To do this, just go to Google and type “Outlook” in the search bar, then click on the first option that appears on the results page.

Otherwise, you can enter directly from this link.

  • Enter the login section

Once you enter the result I showed you before, you will find yourself on the main page of this platform.

To enter Hotmail, the next thing you have to do is go to the top right of the screen, there you will see two options, “Try Premium” and “Login“. Click on the second one.

The “Try Premium” option is totally optional, you can enter there if you are interested in seeing the features that a paid account brings, but it is not necessary to enter your email account.

  • Enter your email address and password

Once you click on that option, you’ll see a fairly simple page, with a background and a box in the middle.

Enter your email address and password

At this point, you should have your account information ready, starting with your address.

In case you didn’t know, Outlook allows you to use your email account, your phone number or your Skype account, so you can choose any of these three options to sign in to Hotmail.

Once you’ve entered your information, click ‘Next’. This will take you to the next part, which is typing in your password. Once you’ve done this, click next again.

You will now be logged in to your account, so you’ll be taken directly to your inbox.

  • Keeping the session open

Unlike signing in to Gmail, there’s no automatic option in Outlook to keep your session open on your computer.

Therefore, you must either open your account every time you want to view your inbox, or you must specify to the platform that you want to stay signed in.

To do this, when you enter your password, you’ll need to check the box below that says ‘Stay signed in. This will prevent you from being automatically logged out when you close the browser tab or window.

If I have forgotten my password, how can I get into Hotmail?

It may be that, if you don’t remember your password or you have entered it wrongly several times because you thought it was one that was finally not correct, you should regain access to your account.

In that case, the process would continue with an additional step:

  • Login options

Within the box above, you will see one of these two options (depending on the country you are entering from) at the bottom:

  • Forgot your password?
  • Login options.

Whichever one you see on your screen, you must click on it and, among the options you will see, enter “I have forgotten my username“.

Finally, the platform will ask you to write your phone number or another email, to whose address you will be sent a link to verify that you also own the latter, under the following message:

Enter another e-mail address or phone number that is associated with your Microsoft account.
Simply follow the instructions you’ll find and you’ll finally be able to log in to Hotmail as normal.

Hotmail login/ Outlook with the mobile application (Android/iOS)

Now let’s move on to the mobile, because do you agree with me that in situations where you need to check your email quickly, it’s easier to do so from your smartphone?

You’ll see that it can be even easier if you’re used to using mobile devices.

  • Download the Outlook App

The first thing you have to do is download the official Outlook application, which you can find in both Play Store and App Store, so you won’t have any major complications.

Click this link to download Outlook for Android or this link to download Outlook for iOS.

  • Access your account

Now that you’ve downloaded and installed the corresponding app, you just need to sign in. To do so, open it and follow the steps.

If this is the first time, you will be asked to enter your details, just as you did on your computer, i.e. your email account, your mobile number or your Skype account and then your password.

Once you enter your details, the app will take you straight to your inbox, so you don’t have to do much else.

How do I sign in with another Hotmail account?

Actually in this aspect, Outlook is behind Gmail, and this makes having multiple accounts a bit annoying.

Why is that?

Because at the moment, it is not possible to have two sessions open in the same browser. It is possible to open different accounts in separate browsers, for example, your professional account in Chrome and your personal account in Firefox (or vice versa).

However, this can be a bit annoying, especially if you don’t have the use of an additional web browser other than the one you usually use to access the Internet on a daily basis.

With this said, when you are already logged in to Hotmail, but need to open another one, you will have to close your previous session to log in with a new account.

Fortunately, this is not too complicated, as logging out and back in with another account won’t take more than a minute.

As a personal recommendation, if you have two Hotmail accounts, it’s best not to keep your session open, as this way you can avoid having to log out every time you change accounts.

It really does depend on whether you use both accounts equally, though.

Another option is that you keep your main session open in the mobile application, and leave the computer in case you have to open your other additional email account, so you don’t have to worry about not receiving important emails on time.

How do I create a Hotmail or Outlook email account? Step by step tutorial to open a Microsoft email

Now that you’ve decided to create a Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook account, I’m going to show you in detail with this tutorial how to proceed to open your own personal or professional mail, depending on your expectations.

1. Go to the Outlook Live Web site

The first thing you need to do is log in to the LIVE platform. To do so, just type in your browser:

Once here, click on “Create a free account” to start the process.

2. Choose the option “Create one”

If you already have one and want to register a new one, what you will need to do is select the option to open a new profile at Microsoft, since the initial screen you will see will be the one to sign in.

That’s why you should go to the option “Create one”.

3. Choose your name and email domain

From both point 1 and point 2, the next step would be to choose the name you want for your email address. And, also, here you can choose (from the drop-down menu) if you want her to be of the type:

No matter which one you choose, you should know that any of the 3 options offered by Microsoft will be managed from the same interface (

Once you decide, click “Next”.

As with all platforms of this type, the address must be unique for each user, so if you are creating it for personal matters, including your last name or a simplified version of it would be a good option.

If your goals are more professional, adding characters or a date to your company name is also a viable alternative.

In my case, the denominations “inpris” or “inprisnet” were already taken in 2 of the 3 options… so, for the example, I chose to add the year (although I recommend you to be much more original than that).

Important: remember that, although they are managed from the same interface, each of the 3 options works as an independent email. Therefore, if the name you want to choose is not available in one of them, you can also try to use it in any of the other two.

4. Create a password for Outlook or Hotmail

The next step will be to think of a password. To do this, you can choose the one you want. It must have 8 characters and at least two different elements of upper or lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

It is recommended that your password is not used anywhere else and is complex for greater security. You can then choose whether to receive information emails from Microsoft or not, and then click next.

5. Add your personal information

After choosing a password, you’ll need to add your personal information to complete the profile of your newly created Hotmail/Outlook account. The first thing you’ll do is enter your first and last name.

Then you click on the next one and you will have to add the country where you live and your date of birth.

6. Complete the simple captcha

Outlook needs to verify that this is a real user, so it will ask you to fill in a fairly simple captcha that can be either text or sound.

In a specific case that you don’t see too well what it says, you could hit “Sound” and listen to each character. Then click on next.

7. First basic configuration of your mail

Once you pass the captcha, you’ll be automatically redirected to your Hotmail/Outlook email account without signing in. Once there, you’ll be greeted and begin the initial basic setup process, which is very quick and easy to do, as you’re checking…

The first step of the configuration is to choose the language of the interface of the Online tool, with which you will manage the emails and then, the time zone in which you reside.

To continue, you can choose a theme for your email, Microsoft offers you different options so you have a variety of where to pick.

Once you choose your theme, you can modify and personalize your signature. This is what everyone will see when they get your emails and is usually a good place to put your own or your business’ identification, such as your web domain and (why not) get some extra visits to your blog, social networks or corporate page.

You can also add images or disable the signature if you prefer. You can change it again later, if you want to put another one.

8. Start enjoying your new email account

Once you finish setting up your signature and click the continue arrow, your settings will be saved and you will be shown a sort of confirmation message that your new account is ready.

When you click “Start”, it will show you a new window over your inbox.

I should point out that you should not worry too much about this window, as it concerns Microsoft’s privacy statement and use of cookies.

Remember that this service is free, and therefore depends on advertising, so some ads will appear from time to time. However, they are not annoying, so there is nothing to worry about.

Click “Continue to site” and you can start enjoying your new Hotmail or Outlook account without any problems.

9. Take the tutorial or “Tour” of Outlook

At the top right you’ll see a light bulb, which is a sort of notification panel, where a list of steps to be taken and a progress bar are displayed.

This is a “tour” that you should follow to complete your account setup. It is completely optional and you decide how and when to complete it.

However, if you do not know how to manage your new account, I recommend you to take advantage of this small and quick tutorial.

Advantages of creating a Hotmail or Outlook account Microsoft Mail!

Once you know how to create an Outlook account, or if you are nostalgic, “Hotmail”, you should know all the benefits of having a mail user at Microsoft.

Although depending on who uses it, it will have more or more advantages, I personally consider these to be the most important ones:

1 It has an intuitive interface

Without a doubt, one of the positive points of creating an email in Hotmail is precisely its simple operation, which will allow you, with just a few minutes of use, to handle the basic functions of this email as if you were an expert.

It is true that for its more complex functions you will need a little more handling, but it is not very complicated either and with a few days of use you will see how quickly you adapt to the Outlook interface and you will be very comfortable with it.

2 Direct access to more Microsoft applications

Since Hotmail merged with Outlook, you have a wide variety of options and features that will make your life much easier.

One of the clearest examples is the ability to view Microsoft Office documents such as Word and Excel directly from email.

You won’t even have to download the documents to see them. In short, something similar to what Google does with its Drive documents.

You can even modify the documents as you wish without leaving the website.

You will also need to have the programs installed, which will be very useful when you do not enter from your computer and need to modify some document quickly.

3 It has an excellent anti-spam service

If you’re one of those people who gets a lot of spam that you don’t really need or don’t even know where it comes from, you’ll be happy to know that Hotmail has a very advanced system for detecting spam, so these annoying emails that we don’t want to see won’t even make it to your inbox.

You can even choose to automatically delete emails from senders you don’t trust.

4 It is perfect for Networking

It’s no surprise that networking is key in today’s society, and as Microsoft also knows, it offers you the possibility to easily access all your contacts with a single click, allowing you to also create and organize them in many ways, so that you never again confuse all the contacts you have stored in your email user.

You can also attach contacts you have on your mobile or on Skype, which will help you to concentrate all your Networking in one place in a very simple and intuitive way.

5 It has a free integrated calendar

An excellent feature that will help you keep an eye on all the important events or dates is the Outlook calendar.

And yes, now it also offers its users a built-in calendar in which you can write down important dates you have in the future and want to be remembered.

Notifications will be sent to you in the form of an email with the time frame you have selected.

6 You have available the Skype service

Skype is another Microsoft tool that makes communication much easier. With it you can not only make calls to other users who have it installed, but also make phone calls, video chat and video conferences to everyone.

Being an excellent tool for communication, it allows you to use it directly from the email, without the need to download the application to your computer.

7 Very complete classification system

Those of us who make extensive use of email know how important it is to properly classify and organize our contacts, emails, files and conversations.

Fortunately, it has a fairly complete system for organizing and classifying your emails and contacts, giving you several options for doing so.

8 It has a filter and advanced search system

How many times have you missed an important mail because you didn’t save it?

Well, don’t worry anymore, when you create a Hotmail or Outlook account this problem disappears. This service has a very precise search and filtering system that will allow you to find any document or information you are looking for quickly and easily.

You only need to configure the filter, write some word that appears in the email and that’s it, in a few seconds, you will have found it.

9 Unlimited storage space

If you are part of that generation that used the first versions of emails, you know how annoying it is to have to be emptying our inbox on a regular basis.

Well, if there’s one thing we users have thanked Microsoft for, it’s implementing unlimited storage space for emails, and that’s that running out of space has been a thing of the past.

From now on, your new Hotmail account is completely adapted to your space needs.

10 Possibility of sending large files

Previously, sending different types of files by email had certain limits, specifically limits on file weight.

However, it is now possible to send very large files with virtually no limits, thanks to the addition of OneDrive, a cloud storage service that allows you to share all your files, no matter how large, with your friends, family or acquaintances.

11 Send forms quickly and easily

If you are used to conducting surveys or forms, or if you simply love sending invitations by e-mail, Hotmail gives you the opportunity to do so directly with the help of Microsoft Forms, a service from Microsoft that will help you create surveys, invitations and forms in general.


Have you been able to resolve the doubts you had regarding this issue? As you can see, signing in to Hotmail is as easy as I’ve explained in this article.

Just follow the steps and log in to your inbox as normal.